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Dressing Gowns Ladies


We’ve all seen the stereotypical old woman in her big house surrounded by cats, haven’t we? One thing that pops into everyone’s head is the grotty old towelling dressing gown that we all imagine her to be wearing. However, obviously all ladies dressing gowns aren’t like that and here’s a handy little guide on how to look sexy in yours rather than slovenly!

ladies dressing gown

It takes a certain type of dressing gown to be able to pull off the ‘sexy’ look. It usually would be made of a sheer fabric such as silk and, you guessed it – it has to be quite short, say around thigh length. I have to admit my grey towelling dressing gown doesn’t look in the least bit sexy but at least it dissuades my husband from amorous advances….

You can buy dressing gowns for ladies from many online stores and dependent on the look or functionality you are after there are stores which will cater for you. For a strictly functional dressing gown, places such as M&S and BHS will serve you well as they are targeted to provide a classy look rather than a downright sexy look. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t send your mother to Ann Summers to pick up a dressing gown, would you?


Choosing Ladies Dressing Gowns Materials

So, down to the basics. The material the dressing gown is made of will obviously affect factors such as warmth and durability. A thick fleece dressing gown will obviously be beautifully warm and soft but may become stretched and out of shape after having been washed.

A towelling dressing gown is pretty warm but in time tends to become worn in places subjected to constant friction such as the elbows. They also can become rather rough and scratchy if not dried after washing in the dryer.

If silk is your weapon of choice then it may not afford much warmth but it is surprisingly durable and tough. This is due in part to the ‘slidy’ texture which means that it doesn’t suffer from damage caused by friction.

Whatever your choice there are simply thousands of style of dressing gowns for ladies out there so why not throw out the old and bring in the new?